Friday, September 5, 2014

The Liebster Award.

I've recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Lorna. Lorna is the great mind behind her blog, Captivate the eyes. Check out her blog if you're interested in makeup/beauty, she does flawless makeup! I never heard of this award until Lorna has nominated me in it. However, I am very honored she did, so I would like to thank her again. :) 

 ↓ Now on to her questions!  

          1. Where do you currently live? Are you originally from this country?

- I currently live in the Nashville area in Tennessee, the heart of country music. I am from the United States of America (USA). Born and raise in Tennessee. :) 

 2. When did you start blogging? What was your first blog post about? Who was the first person to comment on your blog posts, that was not part of your family, or your friends? 

-I started blogging in October 31, 2013. My very first post was about a little introduction about me.
3. What motivated you to start blogging? Is this motivation still driving you to blog? Or, is there something else motivating you now?
-The main reason why I started blogging was because I wanted to express myself on things I enjoy. While at the same time connecting with people with the same interest.  - I'm still motivated with the same reason. :)
 4. How would you best describe your make up preferences? Do you like your make up dramatic, or more on the natural side?   

-I'm a simple person when it comes to daily makeup. So, for everyday makeup, I would go on the natural side. However, I don't normally wear makeup everyday because I never have time in the morning. But I do love occasional dramatic makeup! :) 
5. What is the first make up product you ever used? Fast forwarding to the present, do you still use the same brand and the same product?
-I don't remember the brand, but it was eyeliner. It was one of those that you had to sharpen. I do not use it now in the present, though. 
   6. Name your top 3 bloggers. Who are they, and what attracts you to read their blogs?
-Gosh, I may seem like a pretty bad blogger, but I honesty do not know many bloggers. So, I just read the very few blogs I follow. I mainly follow people with fashion, makeup, and beauty related stuff. 
7. What is your Favorite beauty/makeup related product? What makes this product your absolute favorite?

-I LOVE the Olay under eye cream! I'm not even sure if that is what it is called, but I absolutely love it!  I feel like it ACTUALLY works on my creases, especially for the price. It works wonders on day I haven't had any sleep.
 8. What is your best and worst feature about yourself?

-I would say my best is my hair. I like how fast it grows, how thick it is, and that it's naturally straight. 
-My worst would be my height! I am 5'8, I wish I was a tad bit shorter. 
 9. If you could give advice to anybody wanting to start up their own beauty/makeup blog, what would you say?

-I would say go for it! If you REALLY want to do it, don't let anyone stop you. Not matter what others say, it is YOUR blog. Go for it! 
10. Fast forwarding five years from now, do you think you will keep blogging? If so, would you remain blogging about beauty products?

-More than likely I will. I really enjoy blogging, its fun and a great place to express myself. 
-I would probably blog about the same stuff I do now, beauty/fashion.
 11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

-In reality, maybe either in Pharmacy School or just starting Pharmacy School. Unless something else gets thrown my way. :)

{My Nominees}
Marisa (XO PIXEL.)
Ella (EllaVictoria)

If you aren't familiar with this award, the rules are listed below. 

1. You must answer all questions that are given to you
2. Must link back to the person that nominated you

 3. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers

 4. Provide nominees with 11 questions of your choice

5. Cannot nominate the person who nominated you

6. Must inform nominees of your nomination

7. Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info

Below are my questions for my nominees.
1.  Why did you choose your blog name?
2. Where do you see your self in a few years from now?
3. Where are you from?
4. What kind of blogs do you enjoy?
5. In your free time, what do you like to do?
6.  What is your main purpose of your blog?
7. Who helps you with your photos?
8. What is one thing you regret buying?
9. Describe your fashion.
10. Favorite brand, it can be anything. (ex. makeup, clothes, etc.)
11.  What is your favorite go to snack?

Thanks again Lorna!
Have fun and have a great week! :)